Partner Testimonials

"As an instructor in several online courses I have had increasing concerns regarding the integrity of the online examination process. To address this, I reviewed several online examination proctoring services and choose to implement the VProctor product. The VProctor software permitted me to confirm exactly who was taking each exam and to verify that they were taking the exam alone and without any assistance or outside resources. The software was easy for the students to install and implement. VProctor required only the video camera and microphone now standard on most computers. No technical difficulties occurred even though the students used a wide range of computer models and employed various web browsers. The software install was independent of the LMS and ran seamlessly in the background while the students took the exams. The cost of each exam proctored was considerably lower than I could find from any other competitive proctoring company. In fact the price point was low enough that I implemented the online proctoring for all of the exams delivered in the course.

This approach made it possible for the students to become familiar and comfortable with the online proctoring process well before having to take the high stakes final exam. I plan to use this software in all of my future online courses. I highly recommend that any instructor or institution that wants to ensure the integrity and honesty of the online examination process seriously consider using this product."