Free Software to Use in College

Being a student is a lot of work on its own. Students have to create, remember, and stick to their schedules. They have to do a lot of homework, keep up with the deadlines, and be ready for the exams. Their lives include a lot of writing, reading, editing, researching, and so on. These days, all of this work is done mainly with technological help. It is easier, more convenient, and reliable. Moreover, there are numerous tech products that strive to help students in their uneasy lives. Here is the list of a few necessary, the free and popular software that is a "must-have" in college.

Considering the amount of writing every student must do it is hard to imagine some college kid being unfamiliar with The platform helps students to check their pieces for errors in grammar, style, punctuation, and format. The software is mostly free though it offers advanced services for paid subscriptions. Overall, it can identify and correct the majority of your misspells and errors. The paid version of the software aimed at the stylistic, coercion, and other types of more sophisticated mistakes.


Evernote helps to organize and manage notes. This app helps to keep every piece of writing in its place, dividing them by notebooks and tags. Evernote offers a large variety of templates, covering everything from schedule to travel plans to CVs. The next time you will think "when should I do my homework?", Evernote will answer that in its efficient and organized manner.


This software will help you adjust your screen for your late-night laptop sitting. A good night's sleep is crucial for maintaining your stable mental health. The bright blue screen light from your laptop activates your brain, tricking them into believing it is still day time. So after a long night with your laptop, you have trouble sleeping. F.lux will fix this problem by creating a much warmer color pallet for the night time.


Every college student knows a lot about procrastination. It is what the majority of college kids can actually excel in. Though not everyone knows about numerous software that can put them out of their misery. Apps such as KeepMeOut can block any distractions on your phone. Thus, nothing can prevent you from doing what you need to do. This software can block any social media app or other platforms on your phone for the limited amount of time that you set yourself. This way you can be sure to finish your task without getting pulled to the online world with every message.


For those who are struggling with learning a new foreign language, Duolingo can offer a great solution. This platform teaches dozens of languages, all free of charge. Duolingo relies on a user-friendly interface and a fun mascot to introduce you to the program. It also allows you to adjust your study plans and personal setting up to your preferences. It shows you that learning foreign languages can and should be stress-free, fun, and easy. As long as you stick to your daily practice you'll have good results from this software.

To sum up

Hopefully, this short list of useful apps can serve you as a guide to future research. The internet is full of free software that can make your life as a student much easier and more comfortable. There are numerous apps designed for specific needs and purposes. You should have no doubts, you'll find what fits your needs best! Good luck!