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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:42
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The alternative view of the family life is offered, for example with the Vale family. Women in the workplace is shown with Charlotte as a business woman who is single (doesn’t need a man to support her) and the independence theme also a factor. The theme shown throughout most of the film is the love/relationship issue. The audience see in the film different types of relationship develop. The main relationship is between Mrs. Vale and Charlotte because the audience can compare to their relationship to Charlotte’s sister in law and her daughter’s relationship.
Other relationships include Isabelle and Tina, Jerry and Tina, Charlotte and Tina, Elliot and his children, Charlotte and Dr. Jacquith and June and Lisa. The advertising around ‘Now, Voyager’ was important, for example, cigarettes, cosmetics and fashion. When the film was released, the motive of the ‘two cigarettes’ became commonplace, the studio produced ‘How to be beautiful guide’ and Bette Davis became one of the top grossing stars. The film did raise criticism.
For example, Haskell raised issues such as: Does the film suggest that a woman has to be beautiful in order to succeed? Is it ’emotional soft-core porn’ for the frustrated housewife? Is it giving a female audience something important to identify with? Does the film suggest that a man must always be in control? (i. e. Dr. Jacquith). Criticism suggests that the women always have to sacrifice something; the woman is usually afflicted by an illness; these films don’t encourage women to rebel; they show a world of limited options.
When looking at the codes and convetions of melodrama, we can see that in ‘Now, Voyager’ that emotion is always shown over action, for example Charlotte’s depression caused by her mother. The dark side underside of the perfect middle-class family is often the main theme. The music used in the film is important to indicate moments of high emotion. The narrative is episodic, and relies on coincidences. Exaggerated emotions here are vital to the genre, for example, hysterical outbursts (grand passion, arguments, tears etc).
Also we find a lot of the close-ups mostly showing emotional facial expressions, for example, Charlotte talking to Dr. Jacquith in her room. There are often motifs or symbols to indicate characterisation, as we see in Charlotte’s room the cigarettes and the cooking sherry. In melodrama there will include, repression, jealousy, birth, guilt, happiness, sorrow, dread, fear, conflict, identity, self-worth. Most of these factors but not all of them were present in ‘Now, Voyager’. For example, happiness of Charlotte with Jerry, fear of Mrs. Vale, conflict between Tina and her mother.

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