Tony Kytes the arch deceiver Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:40
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Tony is a nice and gentle man but he has a thing with the ladies and he has a problem in the little town of Wessex that he living in. There are three women that he likes and one of them is the one he wants but he cannot seem to make his mind up. These three ladies are called ‘Milly Richards’, ‘Unity Sallet’ and ‘Hannah’ at the moment Tony is engaged to Milly Richards and is getting seduced by the other two women. He gets caught be Milly and she doesn’t care what other women think or say to Tony. She can trust Tony and that he wouldn’t go with any of them women.
All that Tony has to do is wake up and smell the coffee and marry Milly and stop fooling around with those other two women. Through out the essay I will discuss the matter in more detail. Tony is a womaniser it shows this in the text e. g. “O the petticoats went off and the breeches went on? “. Tony says this in a religious manor as if having sex with women is like his religion. Tony does have a sensitive side though for example “Milly Richards, a nice, light, small, tender, little thing and soon said that they were engaged to be married”. He talks about Milly in a soft and tender way like he truly did love Milly and it was his right choice.
Again it shows Tony is a womaniser because he is seeing other women and they are called Unity Sallet and Hannah, he still cannot make his mind up. But he is a small town and the news will spread very quickly. Tony only goes for the women who he can control and not tell him what to do. He has to make his mind up because he hasn’t got much time to do it in. Unity Sallet is an independent woman because she asked Tony for a lift. So straightaway Tony should straight away spot the weakness of Unity. In addition to this should Tony go for Hannah who is the best looking out of the lot and the most seductive on Tony.
However Tony wants a lady who he can control. But Hannah is controlling over Tony, so that is not a good sign. Then theirs Milly she is the most dependent on Tony and on her self and reliable and trust worthy. For example she sets a time to go to the market for Tony and her self. Tony has got to make the right choice. Thomas Hardy uses adjectives in the story e. g. anice, light, small, tender, little thing. These are all adjectives. In additions Thomas uses irony for example “Unity; says he, as mild as he could, ‘here’s Milly coming'” and he notices the feather on Milly’s hat.

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