The miseducation of the negro Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:36
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The Mis-Education of The Negro’, Carter G. Woods discussed the only way he feels colonization can be promoted in today’s society. Woods discusses how we were taught as African Americans to think of ourselves. We were taught to think of ourselves as people without any background, no culture or foundation so we feel we have no type of self worth. He talks about race superiority. Leading back to the days of slavery, the white race was privileged over the African American race.
African Americans can never be reprimanded for the days of slavery no matter how much it is tried to. It is not to say the white race did not have its trials and tribulations but what happened years ago still affects us today. It is said the African American race Is misunderstood and the misunderstanding lead to various stereotypes aimed against black people by whites. I feel Woods Is implying that we as African American need to be taught our history, foundation and culture not only once a year (Black History Month) but everyday. Most Importantly don’t teach it only to Black people but to everybody so that they to can see African
Americans as who we really are, beautiful people who do have some type of self worth and history. I believe what Woods Is trying to say Is In order to promote colonization among all races there must be equality. No one race must have superiority over any other race. Up until this day African Americans are discriminated against when looking for Jobs, shopping, looking to buy homes, and when driving down the street. When people are consistently taught or treated a certain way they may then see It as the norm. Glenn superiority to any one race Is wrong whether It Is African Americans or White Americans.

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