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Published: 2021-06-29 01:47:58
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The gift of the Magi Question: How was love between Jim and Della portrayed in the story? Love has always been an eternal topic in the treasure of literature. Each author in each work of art from classic to modernity reflects different aspects of this inspirational theme. In that enormous work, O. Henrys The gift of the Magi though simple yet profound, stands out as a high note in that endless symphony of love. The love between Jim and Della, the main characters of the story, was portrayed in a gentle way but did touch he bottom of every reader’s heart.
The story was the picture of a poor, isolated young couple but truly loved each other. The love between them was expressed through various details. From the way they called their partner “my Jim” or “my Della”, readers could notice an undeniable connection between the two souls in which their possessiveness toward each other was dominant. Another implication of love between Jim and Della was their appreciation to other partner. Remember when
Della was in depressed mood because she didn’t know how to get a present “being worthy of the honor of being owned by Jim”. Della’s Jim, her Jim was the most precious thing in the world that nothing could even compare to. So great their love was, Jim and Della sacrificed the two proudest possessions in the house: Jim’s gold watch and Della’s hair. On the day before Christmas, Della sold her hair to buy Jim the golden chain while Jim sold his watch to buy Della a set of comb.
Their actions, in he first thought were said to have been silly, however, they originated from the true love that was not only a state of emotion but became the inseparable cohesion of the two souls. They put the other one beyond themselves without any regrets. The gifts in their eyes were not seen as sacrifice but the wisest choice helping them keep up the flame of their love. “The gift of the Magi” is O. Henry s declaration of love in which love seemed to have no bounds. Richness or poverty, give or take doesn’t matter anymore. You love unconditionally and this is it!

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