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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:57
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The Arctic Race, a long marathon involving men walking along white snow plains to reach the South Pole first. There are many ways in which you can die, such as glaciers, frost-bit, lack of food that isn’t frozen and of course, Polar Bears, which is what this story is all about. In the frozen waste-lands near the South Pole, actually it was never really known where this story took place, but what is known is what happened. In the ice-cold, three men were walking through the white plains. The first man was called Damien, he was English, Woo-pang was from China and Thomas was from America.
These three men were just walking along when suddenly one of them stopped and said “Look. ” “Where? ” Woo- Pang replied “There, up ahead. ” “What? Up there? ” asked Thomas. “Yes. ” “There’s a good place to set up camp. ” Damien pointed out. So they all walked over to what looked like a shelter and set up camp there. During the night, Woo-Pang heard a noise. He sat up and saw a shadow against the tent. He woke up Damien and Thomas and they all sat still and watched as the shadow moved slowly toward the tent entrance. “Where’s the gun?
” Damien whispered. “Hang on, I’ll just look. ” Woo-Pang started to rummage through his rucksack. “It’s not there. ” He said finally “Well then where is it? ” “Oh. ” “Oh, what? ” “It’s outside, I think. ” “You think? ” “What are we going to defend ourselves with? ” asked Thomas. “All we have are distress flares. ” Replied Woo-Pang. “Great. Just great. ” Damien sighed. By this time the shadow was almost at the entrance and then Damien said with amazement; “I’ve got it. ” “What? ” said Thomas and Woo-Pang together “Aarrgghh!
” The shadow jumped into the tent. It was a Polar Bear. It grabbed Thomas by the leg and tried to drag him outside, but Damien grabbed Thomas’s hand just before he disappeared. “Help me! ” Thomas shouted. “Hold on! ” Damien shouted back. “AARrgghh! ” Thomas vanished from view. Blood splattered the outside of the tent. “Give me the flares. ” Damien shouted to Woo-Pang. The Polar Bear’s head appeared again , this time it was covered in blood. Damien set off one of the distress flares and thrust it into the Polar Bear’s eye.
“Take that! ” he shouted. The Polar Bear turned, and ran off whimpering. “Is he gone? ” asked Woo-Pang. Damien sniffed. “What is that smell? ” Woo-Pang rummaged through the rucksack and found a tin of anchovies which was slightly open. “Let’s get moving” Damien said. By the morning, they had packed all of their stuff up and were walking back to headquarters. They had discarded the tin of anchovies and that is the story of how Polar Bears can be very dangerous and also that there’s a bear right next to me so I AARRGGHHhhhh….

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