Syliva Plath Confessional Poetry Speech Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:47:19
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Welcome, to this conference, Nexus of Art and Society, to reflect on the question – how did confessional poets help to influence he changes that occurred in sass’s and ass’s America and helped to shape today’s world of poetry and song Confessional poetry was never truly published until the late sass’s. This type of poetry shocked as It discussed taboo topics. Confessional poets such as Sylvia Plant challenged America’s conservative attitudes. The poets did this by describing their terrible relationships with their fathers or mothers and unmasking America’s true scars.
Throughout Sylvia Plash’s short life she has lived through troubled times such WWW and the great depression; and these experiences would have affected the way that she wrote. Sylvia Plant father’s death when she was only 8 years of age had a dramatic effect on her life; she later expresses her hate for him In a poem titled “Daddy’ which was written In 1962. Thought-out Sylvia Poem “Daddy’ many poetic techniques are used to convey a message of hatred towards her farther. Through the use of a simile, ‘In which I lived like a foot’.
Sylvia Plant suggests that she was trapped or suppressed by her farther who she describes as a shoe. The entire poem is, in fact, a metaphor where she describes her father as a monster in different forms. An ongoing metaphor is used though out a few of her lines. This metaphor relates herself as a Jew and her farther a Nazi. She displaces her farther as “a man In black with a melanomas look”. This Is a reference to Hitler and that he treated her as a Jew and treated her as such.
This ongoing metaphor would also be a hyperbola as blow his way of treating out of proportion. The style of the poem, Nursery Rhythms is another technique that Sylvia Plant uses in her poem. This adds a child-like tone which then conflicts with the hateful mood of a dark and serious poem. All of these techniques have been used to openly express herself and helped o open the flood gates to confessional poets and today’s musicians writing about deep personal issues. Sylvia Plant poetry has caused a revolution throughout the ages.
The effects of Sylvia Confessional poetry can still be seen to this very day. This effect is the extended boundaries of taboo topics that musicians are allowed to sing about. We can see this by looking at modern day musicians such as David Drayman the lead singer of Disturbed. “Inside the Fire” relies on David Trainman’s personal experiences. When David was Just a young boy at the age of 16 he feel In love with a girl named Devon. After a while of dating he found out that she was a heroin addict.
He later broke up with her as he thought that he could not be with a woman who does drugs. This caused Devon to commit suicide. When David saw Devon in the casket at her funeral he says that the devil was saying that the only way to see her again was to commit suicide. Play song David Drayman song “Inside the Fire” has many poetic techniques used to convey a feeling of suicide to the song. One devil singing to him. This makes the song more serious as it shows that suicidal thoughts that went through his head at the time of his ex-girlfriend’s death.
A metaphor is used to relate suicide to a portal into another world in which that David could use to get with his beloved ex-girlfriend. Play song This freedom in writing is the result of Sylvia Plash’s will to open taboo topics. Sylvia Plant questioned the status quo and brought about a change that extended the boundaries. The method in which she did this was by talking about her taboo’ life. So, in conclusion to this conference, do you now believe, as I do, that Sylvia Plant helped influence the change of the sass’s and ass’s and that those literary art forms have the power to create change.

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