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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:01
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‘ in the 1920s when people first got access to the Tutankhamun’s tomb, it opens a door to ancient Egyptian art.
‘River Nile, the longest river helped Egypt with agriculture. ‘ancient Egypt had many symbols, For example different crowns on kings head represented different status. ‘ kings built templets to please the gods. ‘ some gods took human form while others were animals.
‘ancient Egyptians were serious about afterlife, mummification or a sculpture would have been build for the royal. ‘upper level society had Mastaba’s, a building burying the whole family ‘ the mastaba’s were later build into pyramids’Ancient Egyptian art : sculptures , 2d stone painting , big scale mountain cave sculptures. ‘ relief pictures technique: the shadows did the work but sometimes they were painted ‘Glassmaking: by mixing send and stones and heating it up Egyptians were able to make glass. Menkaure and a queenMade from stone. High detail on face a body. I like how queen is holding then king.
Also the king is holding something in his arms. Seated ScribeThis sculpture is made with more advanced techniques. Painted limestone and crystals for eyes. The men is writing something which means that he is higher class.
The fat on his body also indicates his higher class. Ti watching a hippopotamus huntThis artwork is different because its two dimensional. Shows somebody high rank watching over others while they hunt. Most of the ancient Egyptian two dimensional work, shows faces and bodies from the side.
In this case, everyone is looking to the right. I like how we can see the animals under TI’s boat in the water. What tools were used to make the reliefs on the stone?

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