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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:10
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My product will be a new Nokia Mobile Phone that contains the new followingfeatures: . T. V. + Cable, and an Antenna . Video recorder . Tape player .
CD player . New Games . 2 Speakers on both sides of the phone . Headset + Remote control . Videotape + CD holder . A Stand at the back of the mobile .
3D Graphics . GPS (Global Positioning System)This Mobile phone still contains all the other features the Nokia phoneshave now like MMS, Bluetooth, Radio, Voice recorder etc. . . The new featureswill be highly advanced and useful for consumers.
The T. V will have 50 channels from music videos to movies and News; therewill also be Arabic channels and Indian channels. To get cable there will be a small chip (card) that will be inserted in theback of the phone. This chip will connect to the satellite dish that youhave at home, even if your outdoors it will still connect. But if you don’thave a satellite dish it will not connect. There will be new minivideotapes, and mini Cds the size of a dirham, these will be sold at videoand music stores everywhere in Dubai.
The Videos will be sold for 60 dhseach and Cds for 65dhs each. There will be a wide selection of movieswithin these new inventions. New games like “The Simpsons” and “The Hulk” will be in this mobile, if youwant more games you can buy from Game Shops anywhere they will have themini Cds that will be sold for 55 Dhs each. On each side of the phone there will be 2 speakers to hear from; headsetswill come with the phone as well as a remote control.
The video tape and Cdholder will be one side of the phone. The Stand at the back of the mobilewill keep the phone up in any position you want, so you can lay back andwatch T. V. Wallpapers will have 3D graphics, where the wallpaper pops out in yourface, glasses free. The use of the Global Positioning system is very usefulto the consumers especially tourists.
This feature is a map that will guideyou to anywhere in the country, it is very helpful. The physical featuresof the phone will come in many different colors like Red, Pink, Green,Blue, Black, White, Purple and Orange. It also has designed phones coversas well. Plain colored covers will cost 95dhs and designed colored coverswill cost 100dhs. So with all these features the phone will cost 6,000 Dhs, obviously this isnot a cheap mobile including the cost of the videotapes and cds.
Soconsumers would have to be quite well off to afford this Mobile Phone.I think this mobile would be successful because a lot of people like tohave the latest mobile out and this would be the hottest thing ever!Done By: Sara Al-AliGrade: 12G

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