Personal Statement – A Look at My Life Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:11
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I could define myself in numerous ways however the best way I could ever define myself is as a lawyer. When flickering through my yearbook you would constantly stumble across entries such as ˜you will make a great lawyer one day Hannah’. It has been clear to me from a young age that law would be my chosen career path. The funny thing is, no one ever found this surprising perhaps had even predicted that I would pursue a career in law. I have an undeniable talent of absorbing and understanding information and subsequently being able to form strong arguments from this.
In many cases people were left doubting themselves due to my convincing arguments and strong willed debating abilities. This has lead myself and others to believe that I would accelerate in this field. The aspect of the law I’m particularly interested in is commercial, world trade and competitive law. Throughout the years a number of factors have increased my desire to study law. The law shapes society, without this framework disorder would cause universal chaos, our lives are directly regulated by the law.
Lawyers dedicate their lives to restoring order and fighting for justice, if that isn’t inspiring enough I don’t know what is. Due to the fact that I have an obvious interest for law I have done copious amounts of further reading, it fascinates me how dynamic the law is. American law immediately grasped my attention as it is so intertwined with the English law, if given the opportunity to study this nation in more depth, I would gain a broader knowledge of this 21st century superpower that we share so much with and are influenced by in every aspect of our lives.
Throughout my school years I constantly excelled in all aspects of school life. I would describe myself as a well-rounded person. I left school with outstanding academic results. However, I was also a member of every sports team, I achieved awards for my strong leadership skills as captain. Outside of school I have been a member or Worcester swimming club, Worcester rowing club, Worcester Warriors, Barnt green sailing club and Worcester Zodiacs netball team. I am a very dedicated and motivated person, with a natural competitive streak.
In school I also took roles that had a level of responsibility such as senior prefect, throughout my final years I carried out this role effectively and with respect to authority and consideration of the desires of my fellow pupils rather than for personal gains. When continuing onto higher education I considered skills I would need therefore chose subjects that would complement my choice. History has helped me to hone arguments and given me the analytical skills that enable me to effectively examine evidence. English has helped me to understand the development and barriers of language alongside helping me to enhance my communication skills.
Lastly, I study photography because it helps the mind develop creatively which I feel could help me to approach situations from a different perspective. All these skills would be transferable when studying and practicing Law. Additionally, I have participated in a number of extra-curricular activities. I currently work as a barista at costa coffee however I am currently training to become a barista maestro (a key holder and shift leader) which involves a number of additional responsibilities that I was granted due to my devoted hard work and reliability.
This role has demanded a degree of commitment, integrity and competence; it has given me the opportunity to develop numerous skills such as stress management, time balancing and patience. Overall, I feel I have acquired valuable skills and experiences from my life ventures; qualities that would contribute significantly when studying a law degree at university partnered with my burning passion for the law and everything it entails. `

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