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Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:47
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After reading the novel, Obasan, I step out a mile for understanding the disadvantages about being go to war. For my opinion, “War” doesn”t earn any benefits. It hurts people’s souls, destroys the friendship between different nations and break down the whole world economic system. No one can survive in war. Basically, all the characters in the novel are the war of victims. Originally, Naomi (the protagonist) and her family could start a new life in Canada tranquilly.
However, they were being exiled and despised by Canadian government due to her family is Japanese. It is because Japanese armies attacked Pearl Harbor at that time and the World War II were begun spontaneously. What did they do wrong? Why was everybody despising them? Is it because they are Japanese and is it a reason that you can aim all the enmities toward them? In fact, they are all innocents and state in the same condition as everyone, which is being suffered from the War.
World War II has ended for almost a half century. However, people don”t learn a lesson form that. During the past 50 years, “war” is happened everywhere. No matter it is a little one or a big one. Now, Afghanistan is at war. Everyday I watch the news, seeing lots of Afghanistan refugees escape from their homes. I”m so depressed about it. In fact, I am a peaceable person. I prefer to solve a problem without any violent. Therefore, my birthday wish for this year is going to be “no war in the world anymore”.

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