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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:02
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It’s indicate that- Fakir Allan Shah’s people are addict to Marijuana/&r and never acceptable to Fakir Allan Shah. Only for this reason He kicked out “Bolo Shah/ est.’. “But all over the world people take it for different purpose… Sometimes as medicine for extreme pain”. -(strictly prohibited) That means you can not “practice/ Marmot/virus” with out some of the most criminal hypocrite’s?¬, so called philosopher & practitioner are circulating this thing and some of the anti-Muslim people are doing this politics, which is unseen for us.
Only for this reason why bad people are gathering there in Skittish… And they do- 1. Politics 2. Ann-socialism 3. Drugs Business 4. Prostitution 5. Grab Poor practitioners Fish of Kali Gang (which is poor useful practitioners allotment). And they kick out original “Suffix from “Allan Molar Shari Skittish. Even they don’t get the “Fish of Kali Gang which is allotted for the “Suffix who will stay at the “Allan Molar Shari But now a days stay at “Allan Molar Shari Skittish” is also a tough thing.
If you have power, Dishonesty and a devoted supplier of teen girls, which they take from poor villagers can only survive and this happened by very close relatives. To a needy family telling this- we will make your Daughter or Sister a recognized well Allan Singer. Their family see day dreams that their child will be a great singer one day and they will not poor. But after that they take these girls and SE them for unseen prostitution. Which destroyed this girls life and these girls destroyed the others.
Their family will never know what was happened with their child behind this. Some girls are destroyed and they never become a singer. A popular Proverb goes on, That is “A families enemy is the, main key for Disaster/ The name “Bolo’ Shah/G*1 is like this. Now a days New”Bolo Shah/GIWIST” is acting like that time’s original Old “Bolo Shah-GU People cut this so called fraud practitioner long hair for any kind of criminal activities and he did very drastic crime that is, he sell around 600 underground song to (l don’t want to mention the name) a party without any permission.
Which is a Non-Mercy crime. In running of time this name will do most hated thing and people will know this name as But the good practitioner always keep a distance from it. They do practice at the other side of the world where no people will see only the transfer of word and “Deep Meditation” called- “wireless connection with in Marmot/ Many of the good practitioner I talked, they are not going there in Skittish. UT they are still practicing and they can meet with Fakir Allan Shah in their Dreams.
I am not trying to give any Bad impact for This sight. But it’s happen. So, we have to aware about this. Otherwise we people, who are practicing this Marmot/IVR-Zebu will be vanished/Titration:GTAG soon. Only the Skeleton of the “Allan Molar Shari left. Few years after it will also demolished. According to Allan; “Alibi is Allah, Mim letter is Ursula Lam has dual meanings One is in Shari Another meaning in Mart. ” Fakir Allan Shah’s Philosophy for all, there is no boundary…

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