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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:08
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Type of concert: classical General reaction: I was impressed with the construction of the concert hall- a very unique and classical Sheikh Rasher Hall- and with its wonderful decorations and lights. The attentiveness of the audience heightened my sense of excitement. Everything was so organized; people were enjoying hearing Omar karat’s performance on the piano specially me. Omar chair is a composer and pianist. He was born in Cairo; he was raised in a family of musicians.
He Joined the Cairo conservatoire in 1959, studied piano with Italian maestro Vincent Carry, and allowed correspondence courses in music theory and composition with the trinity college in England. Omar karat’s music bridges contemporary Arab music and Western music reflecting genuine maturity. Best composition: chair played a number of compositions including pieces “100 asana cinema”, “Aziza mayhem habeas” and upon the audience request he repeated 3 times “fee hag Helga” a song dedicated to Egypt .
The piece I enjoyed the most was “Aziza mayhem habeas” a very famous song, sung by Mediate Sales in an Arabic movie. That piece describes the beauty of Egypt. I strongly love it. That work was tonal because it manipulated dutiful sounds that pleased me and pleased all of the audience. The concert started at first with a concerto form when Omar chair himself started showing us his skills on the piano and how professional he is.
And then suddenly the second part the whole orchestra started performing together, the movements of the notes appeared to be distinct because it was moving in a leaping manner. I couldn’t really define the range of Omar karat’s notes on the piano but I think it ended in a wide range because it made me feel as if I am having a zip ride adventure in the forest between the long trees and the nature of the heavenly skies. The texture varied between the monophonic of solo violin and the homophony heard from the whole orchestra.
The second beautiful piece Omar chair performed in that huge concert was “100 asana cinema” which honestly no one hates. The song was very pretty. In a moment of listening to it, I visualized a two lovers dancing together in front of the sea. That piece brought back the lovely memories when my grandfather (May he rest in peace) used to make me listen to that song with him. He loved that song so much; it was one of his favorite songs besides mm goalmouth songs. Listening to Omar hair brought me close to tears, while seeing him performing on the piano brought a smile to my lips.
The overall performance was totally professional in every respect, I really enjoyed listening to this concert. I wish I could have seen it in real life but disappointedly I couldn’t because of some secure reasons happening in Egypt. May god bless Egypt and everything be better so I can go to any of Omar karat’s concerts. To end up this, as Katie Skiving said “music can change your mood instantly. It can make memories feel present and any dream seem tangible”. And that’s what I believe in… Music Report By irremediableness

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