Most Significant Things For All Businesses Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:49:53
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Scott Mocabee5 things that are most significant for all business’s1.
Learning from past mistakes and correcting them in the future. “ The soft- spoken west Virginian got a firsthand glimpse of how arrogance and reluctance to change caused severe pain and dislocation. 2. Cisco uses technology to its advantage. “ Using the network for tech support allows Cisco to save more than its nearest competitor spends on research and development.
3. Cisco has found was to make distribution more efficient. “ By outsourcing production of 70% of its product, Cisco has quadrupled output without building new plants and has cut the time it takes to get a new product to market by two- thirds, to just six months. 4. Cisco shows concern for new an employee who builds loyalty and a close family. “ It tells new employees that Cisco wants then, that Cisco cares about then and that were not just another big company.
5. With loss of personal contact they try to make up with contact later. “ The network works better when you’ve already had a personal touch. Bad1. Cisco has a lot of dependency upon the Internet. “ The network is the glue for the internal working of the company.
” 2. Lack of personal contact. “When an Employee wants information about a company event or health benefits, or needs to track an expense report, the network is the place to go at Cisco. ”3.
Measuring success by employee retention can lead to some bad employees4. Cisco believes that every deal must have both short and long term goals. This could lead to oversight to long term benefits if no short-term benefits are available. 5. It seems that Chambers is reluctant to have change as it is relevant to it culture which can lead to being stubborn in ones ways.Business Essays

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