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Published: 2021-06-29 01:45:52
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KamilMustafa House # 166, Street # 3, FatehTown,Okara. 56300 Pakistan. Mobile:+923320605085 [email protected] com ObjectiveGeologist position in the field of Geology. Talented graduate ready to start mycareer in geology.
Committed to continuous training, development andwould like to eventually progress to management level. Personal detailsDate of Birth:03 March 1993. Nationality :Pakistani. Religion:Muslim.
Marital Status:Single. Passport Number. :DC0870671 Summary Geology internship for WAPDA at NJHP. QC Supervisorwork experience forDesconEngineering at NewKhankiBarrage.
Two weeks Geological Field Training Camp. Magna Cum Laude graduate with BS inApplied Geology. Three months Arc GIS course. EducationBachelor of Science inApplied Geology,2011-2015UniversityOf Azad Jammu & Kashmir,Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3. 46 on a 4.
0 scale Courses included:Petroleum GeologyPetrologyGeochemistryEngineering GeologyGeotechnical EngineeringStratigraphyGeophysicsMineralogy GeohydrologyWell LoggingSeismologySedimentation Experience Internship,June 2014NeelumJhelum Hydroelectric Power Project,Muzaffarabad. DesconEngineering, QC Supervisor, February2016-June2016. NewKhankiBarrage,Wazirabad. KEYSKILLSANDABILITIES Strong work ethic and high performance standardsI am able to learn and understand tasks quickly while performing under pressure, both independently and as part of a team. I have an excellent work ethic and have demonstrated clear attention to detail.
Technical and mechanical skills Aligning, cutting, measuring, orientatingsamples Geotechnical testing Geological mapping Report writing Software knowledge GIS Microsoft Word and Excel Language skills Urdu English Hindko* Punjabi* *Speaking and listening command only. Activities General Secretary, Punjab Student CouncilUAJ&K,2014-2015. Member, Geological Society UAJ&K,2015-Present. Playing Football,Intercollegiate Football Champion with University team.
REFERENCES References will be provided on demand.

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