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Published: 2021-06-29 01:47:00
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Love has always been an issue with many opinions and voices. Love has been around forever. It is something that can not be controlled or found. Love is something that just happens. From centuries back to the present, males looking only for sex are still running the same games. To those males full of lust, love does not exist in their minds. They have one thing in mind and that is sex. Males will go extraordinary measures to get sex. In Christopher Marlowe? s Hero and Leander, most of the content is based upon the subject of virginity versus lust.
Despite Marlowe? s poem being written a long time ago, there is contemporary relevance. Lust is something that exists among everyone in our world today as well as in the times of the poem. Hero is a woman who is admired by many. She has beauty which everyone recognizes. Everything about Hero is beautiful. Her hair, garments, features and most of all her virginity. Hero can have any man she desires. However she cherishes the only thing which she can never have back, her virginity. This is relevant to the present.
Today many women keep their virginity until marriage. This is very difficult for them to do but there are women like this. Usually men hunt women like this even more. Today beautiful women are advertised because every man wants a woman with beauty. Then there is a man by the name of Leander. He is also described by Marlowe as a beautiful man with god-like qualities. He is a man who almost any woman would like to have or have sexual relations with. Leander sees Hero and falls in love, not with her but with her looks.
He immediately lusts for her and wants to take her virginity. Leander tries in every way possible to try have sex with Hero. Hero ponders at the thought of giving up her most treasured gift to this man. This is evident in out society today, especially among teenagers. Many girls today are being pursued by boys who tell them they want to have sex. At first the male seems to be the ? right one? and the girls heavily considers having sex with him. After they have sex, everything all of a sudden changes.
This happens everywhere and everyday in our world. Women and girls seem to fall in love very quickly and their hearts get broken. However for the males, they get what they were lusting for and are content. To them sex can happen without meaning, as long as it fulfills their sexual desires they are happy. Leander convinced Hero that they are meant to have sex: Well therefore by the gods decreed it is, We human creatures should enjoy that bliss (lines 253-254). He explains to her that God wants them to enjoy sex and so they should continue.

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