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Published: 2021-06-29 01:45:59
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Geneticists need many skills. One of the most important is to be ableto ask questions.
Another is to correctly organize data. In the way oftraining, one should major in biology, genetics, and many otherbiosciences. A bachelor degree can get a job, but I myself would advisegetting the highest amount of bioscience education possible. Jobs can be acquired by asking your professors, but, they may not beaware of any need for geneticists. Many times, reading advertisements mayof some good. You may even make an appointment with biology and geneticfirms yourself.
Sometimes clinics or hospitals may even need a geneticspecialist. I, myself, could also see a geneticist opening up his ownclinic, such as radiologists do. In this way they could be able to makemore money considering the amount of highly specialized geneticists with aDoctor of Medicine. The current payment outlook is not good forgeneticists. A starting geneticist working makes between $19,000 and$27,000 a year.
Salaries, depending on experience, training, and successmay be above $54,000 a year. Benefits usually include pension plans, healthinsurance, and paid holidays and/or vacations. The employment outlook is very good. Some, highly trained geneticistscan open their own firms. This is probably because of a recognition thatmutations may be able to strengthen our immune systems, raise ourendurance, or even other things not thought possible.
Most geneticists work in clean laboratories and work between thirtyfive and forty hours a week. They usually have the necessary equipmentgiven to them by their firm or other supporter. I feel this would be a good career for me because of my inquisitivenature. I have always been intrigued by the altering of DNA to causemutation.
I am also extremely interested in the evolution of differentspecies.

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