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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:56
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Counter culture can be defined as a subculture that is deliberately and consciously opposing the norms, values, laws and certain important aspects of a particular culture in a society. From what I have gain through a poster, music played a huge impact on counter culture. The Sex Pistols came out with aggressive yet encouraging rude music. Many youngsters decided to follow the group’s motto, ‘sex and drugs, or nothing else’. Everybody believes that this was inspired by Jimi Hendrix but it was made popular by other bands such as Seattleboys and Nirvana.
Multiculturalism arises when different cultures merge together. Everybody is aware that Malaysia is a multicultural country thus multiculturalism is being practised. One simple example of multiculturalism is sitting together in a class during a lesson. The Malaysians are capable of working together even though they differ in colour and culture without any prejudice or discrimination towards others. There are few events that brought up multiculturalism in our country. One of it is the ‘Warna Warni Malaysia’.
During this celebration, the many cultures of Malaysia are presented and it brings out the colourful arts of every race. During this event also we get to see the dances and costumes of every society and then compare to see how they differ from one another. I gain a lot of information from the exhibition. For instance how music plays its role in counter culture. Many rock bands have their own followers and these followers are the one who practise counter culture because they are influenced by their idols. I also get to know that subculture can exist anywhere even in working society.
Take for example, the farmers in Malaysia. They are considered as subculture because they are different from other careers in some aspects such as what they do to earn money. I realized that multiculturalism does not have to come from a big group or in a country. A small group can also have its own multiculturalism. For example, there is multiculturalism in Chelsea Football Club. They player are from all over the world that practise different cultures. There are other examples of popular culture that were brought up during the exhibition.
Some of the examples are going to the movies and chatting on the net or internet itself. Chatting and surfing the net can be addictive thus it became popular culture. Other example for high culture is driving or having expensive imported cars. I have learned that exhibition can be a fun way of learning new things.

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