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Published: 2021-06-29 01:48:27
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t. 11What would make a group people hate the U.
S. so much that they would committhe terrible acts of Sept. 11. Killing thousands of innocent people and taking awaythe hopes and dreams of many. Some of this Anti-American sentiment begins with our long alliance with Israel.
Israel and the Arab nations have been at war for many, many years. The war andresentment between these two sides begins with a strip of land called the Gaza Strip. This piece of land has been fought over for decades. So because of our alliance with Israel most of the Middle East see it as siding with their most hated enemy!I also believe that some of our have come back to haunt the U.
S. One example of this would be our support of the Shah of Iran from 1966-1979. The U. S. supported the Shah even though, the people of Iran hated him and felt that he was corrupt.
So thatled way to the overthrow of the Shah and his government and the rule of the AyatollahKhomeni. The new leader had a deep hatred of the U. S. and led a new anti-American sentiment in Iran. Our next ally would be Saddem Hueseein, who at the time was enemies with Iran.
So the U. S. made an ally of Saddem and supplied him with billions of dollars of economic aid. Which he used to primarily build up his military forces and with that military Saddem attacked a helpless Kuwait. Saddem destroyed much of Kuwait and the ensuing war between Iraq and the Coalition forces was on.
When the U. S. allied themselves with the Mujahedin army during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, who knew that Osama Bin Laden and others who foughtin that war would wind up becoming the evil Taliban. It seems that U.
S. policy is one of, if you are enemies of our enemies then you are ourally. I think that America should take a step back and take a long hard look at that region ofthe world and say, “Does being allies with this country or this person make long-term strategic sense and also will this country or person turn on us. If so will we as a country able to pay that price.
” I feel that U. S. presence is greatly needed in that region, but Ialso think that the U. S.
should take a better look how we choose our allies so that another Sept. 11 will not be lurking around the corner.

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