1. Clearly Stated Topic Sentence. Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 01:46:04
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2. Clearly stated characteristics in individual sentences3. Clearly stated support of the characteristics4.
Correct spellingThe excerpt from The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper is a good example ofRomanticism. The first characteristic of Romanticism that fits this excerpt is focuses on aindividual. It focuses on Natty Bumppo. He was the main character in the story.
It told allabout when he got captured by the Huron’s. Also how the tortured him. The secondcharacteristic of Romanticism that fits this story is Interest in the past, because this bookwas written in that 1840’s and took place in the 1740’s. The third characteristic ofRomanticism that fit this excerpt is love of country, because he wrote about an old NewYork colony.
The fourth Characteristics of Romanticism that fits this excerpt is emphasison emotions. Bravery was shown by Natty Bumppo when the hurons were throwingTomahawks at him, and he didn’t even blink, or when they were throwing knifes andshooting rifles at him he still didn’t blink. This story also showed love by Chingachgookwhen he went back to rescue Natty Bumppo. Respect was also show in this story by thehurons toward the Deerslayer when they were throwing weapons and shooting rifles athim, and he didn’t blink.
That is why this story is a good example of Romanticism

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