What we do

VProctor is a proctoring software based on technology developed by two Computer Science Professors at Arizona State University. The software monitors a student's physical environment during an online exam, to deter cheating and provide an audit trail and evidence when cheating does occur. What makes our proctoring system unique is the ability to use a webcam and microphone with computer vision and audio pattern recognition algorithms to highlight infractions. VProctor works on Windows and Macs and is easy to deploy and scale with secure backend servers on Amazon's Cloud. Live Chat support is available to students during exams for no extra cost. Find out below how VProctor works and request a demo .

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Benefits of VProctor

Make testing flexible
Make testing easy
Make testing scalable & secure
Save time
Save money
VProctor uses built in hardware available on most computers and isn't limited to any Operating System or browser. It is completely asynchronous – students can take tests during any time of the allotted schedule and don't have to sign up for timeslots.
VProctor is easy to deploy and consistent in catching cheating. Our intelligent algorithms do not suffer from human errors and monotonous human factors issues that are prevalent in human based live proctoring.
VProctor uses Amazon's cloud server thus students world wide can connect without bandwidth issues. The data is completely secure and we can scale the servers on demand to meet the needs of the clients.
VProctor software allows for fast and easy review, highlighting incidents by timeline or by category so that the instructors can review only highly suspicious incidents.
VProctor is able to offer a price that is 70-80% cheaper than any other proctoring service.

How it works

VProctor's patent pending technology continuously monitors the video, audio and screens (including multiple monitors) of the students. Potential infractions (or incidents) causes one or more VProctor Triggers to deploy. Incidents are then reviewed by human proctors and a final report is generated for the instructor/institution to take appropriate action. We catch 6-8% of the population cheating when taking an exam; which is about the rate of cheating professionals agree on. The data is then available via an intuitive user interface for the instructor(s) to review at a later time. See the Tech Details for more information.
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