Technical Details


  • Easy to deploy and scale: VProctor uses built in hardware available on most computers. The backend software can be deployed on virtual servers provided by VProctor or can be hosted locally at site. Perfect for Math or English proficiency tests.
  • OS, LMS or Browser independent: Student and proctor client software runs on Windows and Macs. The clients can be launched from other LMS software such as Blackboard, E-College, Canvass and works in conjunction with other software such as lock-down browsers.
  • Easy to configure: The Instructor provides a roster and we configure special links directly to the exam.
  • Offline proctoring: The data is collected and stored on the servers for instructors and proctors to review offline. Complete security is ensured as we use Amazon's cloud as the back end. This also allows students to take an exam when it's most convenient for them. It is completely asynchronous system and since we apply intelligent algorithms it does not suffer from human errors and monotonous human factors issues that are prevalent in human based live proctoring.
  • Easy to review: VProctor software allows for easy review, highlighting incidents by timeline or by category so that the instructors can review only highly suspicious incidents.
  • Scalable and Secure: VProctor uses Amazon's cloud server thus students world wide can connect without bandwidth issues. The data is complete secure and we can scale the servers on demand to meet the needs of the clients.
  • Cost Effective: VProctor is able to offer a price that is 70-80% cheaper than any other proctoring service because VProctor is algorithm driven.


Triggers are modules/algortihms that run in order to try to detect potential violations, called incidents. Incidents are reported to a proctoring server while the student is taking the exam. Incident data which includes video, screen shots, and audio are uploaded to the server during the exam. Our proctors review the incidents and classify the incidents as highly suspicious , suspicious , or not suspicious . The data is then available via an intuitive user interface for the instructor/institution to review at a later date. We guarantee a turnaround time of 48 hours (two working days) from end of an exam for the report to be available for review (holidays/weekends not counting). It is the responsibility of the instructor/institution to follow up with students and take any action. We provide an audit trail and evidence in the form of pictures and video clips on request.